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Nutricosmetics: What is Nutricosmetics? Why internal nutrition is important

If someone told you twenty-five years ago that you should take food supplements to look younger, you would have thought of some kind of wizardry. If the hackneyed phrase “beauty on the inside” also comes to mind, you won’t be surprised since, in recent years, large pharmaceutical corporations have allied with giants in the food industry to produce the famous nutricosmetics.

These products promise to nourish our body from the inside so that the results can be seen on the outside. Before talking about its benefits we must, as always, start from the beginning by defining: What is nutricosmetics?

It is difficult to find a single definition with solid scientific bases, mainly because the term is a product coined by advertising marketing, but if we start from the basis that the word comes from “nutrition” and “cosmetics” separately, we could say :


“Any substance or mixture intended to be brought into contact with the superficial parts of the human body (epidermis, hair and capillary system, nails, lips and external genital organs) or with the teeth and oral mucosa, with the exclusive or main purpose of clean them, perfume them, modify their appearance, protect them, keep them in good condition or correct body odors”.



“They are the constituent substances of the different foods useful for organic metabolism, and which correspond to the groups generically called proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, mineral substances and water.”


And if we combine these two definitions, we will get a NUTRICOSMETIC .

The most outstanding difference between a nutricosmetic product and a cosmetic one is that, while the former are ingested, the latter are intended to be applied to the skin and other external parts of the body.

And what began as a fashion trend around 2010, was based on studies and articles with greater scientific support, which increasingly attracted users, who were eager to include in their routine those products that not only gave a rejuvenated appearance to your skin, but they could also have a healthy effect on your body.

That is why most of these products are composed of the active principle and are supplemented with antioxidants, vitamins and various substances that cause synergistic actions between them.



We know that the health of our skin is the sum of daily care, a genetic component, moderate sun exposure and adequate nutrition. That is why the above are some tools that we like to share so that you can decide how, in addition to the more or less invasive procedures carried out in an aesthetic clinic, the synergy with food supplements is much more effective. 

As always, we recommend you consult with trusted professionals and if you have any questions, you can write to us at ______ or through the contact form.